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Painted Lady Butterfly Life Stages, Chrysalis, Living

SKU Code: 144030


A chrysalis is the pupa, the stage between the mature larva and the adult butterfly. These are good to have for displays of the life cycle and for workshops on the butterfly life cycle. For life cycle studies, we recommend beginning with larvae or eggs. Price listed is for 1 chrysalis. If you need large quantities of chrysalises, 3 weeks' advance notice is required.

You do not have to purchase Painted Lady Culture Medium and Culture Cup Sets, but you will have to provide a cage for the adults (such as the Butterfly Habitat, item #674287, or the Carolina® Butterfly Sanctuary, item #674291) and be prepared to feed the adults sugar water. Should not be shipped over a weekend. Carolina recommends that you request your order to arrive on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (or even a Saturday) to avoid weekend shipping.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Macrobiology
Product Line: LIVING
Dimensions: Width: 1.8, Height: 1.8, Depth: 1.8 IN
Weight: Width: 0.05