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UV Lamp, 9 LED Bulbs

SKU Code: 154683

Use this powerful little mid-range, long-wavelength flashlight (356 nanometers) LED lamp to detect Glo Germ™, light up your GloFish® (items #145251 through #145257; items #145264 through #145266), or illuminate your Green Gene Colony Transformation Kit (items #211080 through #211082P) organisms! Lightweight, compact anodized black metal case protects 9 LED bulbs and features a push button that toggles the light on and off. Comes with wrist strap and AAA batteries. About 3-3/4" long. The wavelength of this ultraviolet light is not adequate for germicidal use. CAUTION: UV light can cause damage to the eyes if looked at directly.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 23203
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 2.3, Height: 1, Depth: 6.6
Weight: Width: 0.25 IN