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Wisconsin Fast Plants® Non-Purple Stem, Hairless Seed (Anthocyaninless, Hairless), Pack of 50

SKU Code: 158812

  • Perfect for science fair projects
  • Super-fast generation time
  • Interdisciplinary use

Brassica rapa. This Wisconsin Fast Plants® seed is the standard for both form and performance. Just provide appropriate care conditions, and you can expect your plants to complete a full life cycle (what we call "seed to seed") in about 35 to 40 days.

Our Non-Purple Stem, Hairless mutant seed stock has a recessive gene that blocks the expression of purple pigment. It also may be selected for few or no leaf hairs, and is thought to be recessive. Main uses include genetic studies of purple pigment (anthocyanin) production and expression in crosses with Purple Stem mutant (ANL) and the study of inheritance of leaf hairs. Genetic designation: anl, Hir (0–1).


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Macrobiology
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 3.3, Height: 0.1, Depth: 4.5 IN
Weight: Width: 0.01