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Wisconsin Fast Plants® Rosette-Dwarf Seed (Rosette), Pack of 200

SKU Code: 158816

Phytosanitary Inspection Fee
  • Perfect for science fair projects
  • Super-fast generation time
  • Interdisciplinary use

Brassica rapa. This Wisconsin Fast Plants® seed is the standard for both form and performance. Just provide appropriate care conditions, and you can expect your plants to complete a full life cycle (what we call "seed to seed") in about 35 to 40 days.

Our Rosette-Dwarf mutant seed stock is recessive and gibberellin-deficient. It is compact due to shortened internodes, but it attains normal height after application of 100-ppm gibberellic acid. Flowers in 18 days. Harvested seed must have dormancy broken with a 3-min soak in 200-ppm gibberellic acid. Main uses include genetic studies and physiology studies. Genetic designation: ros.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Macrobiology
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 3.3, Height: 0.1, Depth: 4.5 IN
Weight: Width: 0.01 LBS