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Hanna® Water Backpack Lab™

SKU Code: 181540

This water quality education package, supplied in a sturdy backpack for convenient transport into the field, is designed to provide a complete unit for teachers to introduce students to the important chemical tests for water pollution.

A teacher's guide with more than 70 pages provides detailed background information, lab activities, and test procedures for lessons regarding water quality that can be adapted to almost any grade level. Activities allow students to explore 10 water quality parameters.

Each test kit has sufficient materials to perform 100 tests. Supporting instructional materials include laminated field test procedures (set of 10), vocabulary terms blackline master, and water quality parameter summary transparencies (set of 10).

Package also includes the following materials:

  • Acidity Test Kit
  • Alkalinity Test Kit
  • Carbon Dioxide Test Kit
  • Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit
  • Hanna® Waterproof Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter (item #186005)
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • Nitrate Test Kit
  • Phosphate Checker
  • Secchi Disk
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Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Ecology and AP Life Science
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 13, Height: 7.5, Depth: 17 IN
Weight: Width: 10.05 LBS