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Purification of Green Fluorescent Protein 8-Station Kit, Module 2 (purification) (with prepaid coupon)

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Intermediate - Requires some background knowledge.

This kit module is great for teaching:
The molecular basis of heredity
  • The relationship between genes and proteins

  • How E. coli is used to engineer proteins useful in medicine and manufacturing

  • Three techniques - transformation, protein purification, and protein gel electrophoresis - commonly used in biological research and its areas of application

    This lab activity is part of a series set up in 3 modules that can be purchased separately and used in conjunction with one another. Successful completion of Module 2 is dependent on prior results from Module 1, Green Gene Colony Transformation Kit (item #211080, #211080P, #211082, or #211082P).

    In this activity students take their successfully transformed bacteria and use HIC resin to conduct a batch purification technique. This purification process doesn’t require the time or expense typically associated with column-based purification protocols and instead produces quick results in 1 class period (40 minutes).

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