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Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit©

SKU Code: 211132

3D Molecular Designs™. Don't tell your students about membranes and how or why they form—let them discover the spontaneous formation of membranes for themselves. This kit features the amphipathic structure of phospholipids, with their hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails. Students explore the chemical structure of a phospholipid and then construct a phospholipid monolayer, a micelle, and a bilayer, leading to an understanding of the plasma membrane structure. Additional kit components allow students to construct lipid bilayers and consider the role of transport proteins in moving ions and small molecules across membranes. PDFs of Teacher Notes (an activity guide) help you consider different ways to use the kit materials, and student handouts can supplement or reinforce concepts presented in the classroom; both are available on the 3D Molecular Designs™ Web site.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 23202
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 13, Height: 2, Depth: 13
Weight: Width: 0.65 IN