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DNA Necklace Classroom Kit

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Beginning - Easy to perform; requires little or no prior knowledge.A fun and fascinating laboratory activity not only shows students how to isolate human genomic DNA, it lets them create DNA necklaces they can actually wear. Students extract DNA by lysing their cheek cell sample, then watch as wispy white strands of their own DNA precipitate out of a solution containing ethanol. After transferring their DNA to plastic microcentrifuge tubes, students fashion the tubes into DNA pendant necklaces using colorful string. This is one easy lab activity that really gets your students talking about DNA and science!Classroom Kit includes enough materials for 32 students.
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Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
LQ9: Limited Qty: Miscellaneous
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Dimensions: Width: 9.9, Height: 4.2, Depth: 16.8 IN
Weight: Width: 4.75 LBS