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pBLU® Plasmid, 20 µg (100 µL; 0.2 µg/µL)

SKU Code: 211421

Developed by Dr. Greg Freyer exclusively for Carolina. This plasmid contains the gene for ampicillin resistance as well as the entire B-galactosidase gene. It does not depend on complementing a partial B-galactosidase gene product as does pUC. In addition, the host, E. coli DH5, does not need to be maintained on minimal medium for pBLU transformation. The lac suppressor gene is inactivated, eliminating the need for IPTG in the medium. *Transformation concentration; use 10 uL/transformation.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
Product Line: LIVING
Dimensions: Width: 1, Height: 0.7, Depth: 2.5 IN
Weight: Width: 0.05 LBS