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Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: A Guide for Teachers

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Updated and revised version of Recombinant DNA and BiotechnologyProvides the latest information on the scientific foundations and technological applications of biotechnology,Serves as both textbook and laboratory activities manual,Includes activities for both wet and dry labs,Teaches critical thinking,Uses easy-to-understand languageHelen Kreuzer and Adrianne massey. 2007. (3rd ed). The newest edition of this popular textbook (formerly Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology) gives clear information about the cellular and molecular biology behind exciting advances in biology and biotechnology. As a reasult, teachers and students get the knowledge and clear-headed approaches they need to discuss the interrelationship of science, technology, and society. Numerous activities bring the science to life.The 706 page Teacher's Edition contains all the information found in the 488 page Student Version, plus helpful instructional materials such as additional lab and teaching resources and a comprehensive CD-ROM with chapter figures, templates, and worksheets. A chapter on the basics of running a molecular biology lab covers topics such as using aseptic technique, micropipetting, culturing microbes, and safety.


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