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Carolina™ College Electrophoresis Equipment Package, 110-V

SKU Code: 213624

Our college package contains enough equipment to set up 10 lab stations and to run 10 gels at 1 time, including:
5 Carolina™ Deluxe NG Electrophoresis Power Supplies, 120-V (item #213708)
  • 10 Carolina™ Deluxe Gel Electrophoresis Chambers (item #213710)

  • 10 Carolina™ Research Pipettors, 2.0 to 20 µL (item #214540)

  • FOTODYNE® White Light/Digital Camera System (item #213720)

  • Revolutionary Science Centrifuge RS-102 (item #214072)

  • Carolina™ Water Bath, 110-V (item #216248)

  • The package also includes the laboratory manual DNA Science: A First Course, with complete instructions on basic molecular techniques.


    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: STOCK
    Weight: Width: 90.55 LBS