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Carolina™ White-Light Equipment Package, 110-V

SKU Code: 213630

You can load 6 gels at a time with the micropipettors, run 12 gels simultaneously with the gel electrophoresis equipment, view CarolinaBLU™-stained gels on the white light box, and record the lab data with the Carolina™ Digital Camera.
Package includes:
3 Carolina™ NG Electrophoresis Power Supplies, 120-V (item #213704)
  • 6 Carolina™ NG Electrophoresis Chambers (item #213641)

  • 6 Carolina™ Research Pipettors, 2.0 to 20 µL (item #214540)

  • Carolina™ Digital Camera (item #213688)

  • Carolina™ LED Light Box (item #213694)

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: STOCK
    Weight: Width: 40.79 LBS