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Carolina™ Gel Electrophoresis Chamber

SKU Code: 213668

Durable 1/4" acrylic construction
  • Safe - unit will not operate withut lid securely in place
  • Easy to use - heavy, nonwarping gel-casting tray is marked for easy loading
  • Notches in the center of the tray and two 8-well combs offer the option of running 16 samples per gel
  • Run 32 samples at 1 time using Carolina™ Stackable Casting Trays (item #213655)
  • Tray makes a gel 3-1/4" W x 3-3/4" LSafety interlock lid prevents operation unless lid is securely in place. Features 1/4" durable acrylic construction. Includes heavy, nonwarping gel-casting tray, marked to assist in easy sample loading, and two 8-tooth combs for running 8 or 16 samples. With instructions.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: STOCK
    Dimensions: Width: 6.4, Height: 4.7, Depth: 8.3 IN
    Weight: Width: 2.45 LBS