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Multi-Gel Precasting System

SKU Code: 213669

Enables prelab preparation of 6 agarose gels. Reduces class time for pouring individual gels and ensures consistent standards for students. Gel size designed to fit casting tray of our item# 213668 Carolina™ Gel Electrophoresis Chamber. Gels can be cast, stored in TBE buffer, and refrigerated for later use. A gel scoop for easy removal and six 8-tooth combs are included. Dimensions: unit, 15 3/4 × 7 1/2"; gel compartment, 3 3/4 × 3 1/4".


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 6.9, Height: 1.5, Depth: 12.3 IN
Weight: Width: 1.55 LBS