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Enduro 300-V Power Supply, 120-V Unit

SKU Code: 213687

Four color-coded terminals for running multiple gels simultaneously
  • Compact - takes up less space

  • Timed or continuous operation
    Compact, safe, and versatile, Enduro™ power supplies can operate in constant current or constant voltage mode with automatic crossover. Both devices operate in timed (1 min to 99 hr, 99 min) or continuous mode. Maximum output is 300 V or 500 mA (90 W total). Output ranges are 2 to 300 V adjustable in 1-V increments and 4 to 500 mA adjustable in 1-mV increments.120-V unit is for U.S. customers, 230-V unit is for International customers.
    Note: Power cords for the 120- and 230-V units are different, even though the units themselves are identical. Please order the unit appropriate for your local voltage. Dimensions: 7 3/5x W x 9 9/10x D x 3 1/5x H. Wt, 2 lb, 14 oz. Input: switchable 120- or 230-V AC, 50/60 Hz. Three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: STOCK
    Dimensions: Width: 9.3, Height: 3.9, Depth: 14.7 IN
    Weight: Width: 6.45 LBS