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FOTODYNE® UV Transilluminator/Digital Camera System

SKU Code: 213716

Great system for viewing and digitally photographing DNA separated by gel electrophoresis. The UV Transilluminator emits UV light at 300 nm, optimum for fluorescing DNA stained with ethidium bromide. A hood fits snugly over the viewing area and includes a quick-release mount for the camera. The 10 megapixel camera, which operates on AC power or battery, has about 40 MB of internal memory. Stored images can be easily retrieved and printed via USB. Camera can also be used with a white-light transilluminator. Complete System includes 110-V UV transilluminator, digital camera, hood, UV filter, USB cable, battery, and a software package for simple photo manipulation. Camera may look different from picture.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 14.6, Height: 16.1, Depth: 19.3 IN
Weight: Width: 12.2 LBS