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PhotoDoc-It™ Imaging System

SKU Code: 213725

Printer (17.8 x 12.7 x 6.4 cm) has USB connectivity and creates high-quality 4 x 6" prints.
  • UV transilluminator emits light at 302 nm and has a 7-8/10 x 7-8/10" viewing area.
  • Lightweight, durable metal hood has an 11 x 10" opening.
  • Filter in hood can be easily exchanged for other filter types.
  • Unique viewport window allows observation of UV-illuminated gels.
    Capture and print images with this easy-to-use system for basic gel documentation. Users can also observe UV-illuminated gels via the unique UV-blocking viewport window. The stand-alone package does not require a computer, but images can be downloaded to a PC via USB cable (not included). Images may also be stored on the camera's minimum 128-MB memory card. Camera can operate on batteries or power cord. Package includes: UV transilluminator, 10-megapixel digital camera with zoom lens and power adapter, lightweight hood with handles, color printer, paper and ink cartridges for 108 prints, filter for viewing gels with ethidium bromide, cable, and lock.Note: Due to the rapidly changing nature of digital camera technology, camera specifications may vary from those described.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: DROPSHIP
    Dimensions: Width: 24, Height: 32, Depth: 24 IN
    Weight: Width: 35 LBS