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MAGic Clamp™ 3,000-mL Flask

SKU Code: 214769

Using the MAGic Clamp™ System will completely change the way you use your laboratory equipment. Pairing the MAGic Clamp™ Universal Platform (items #214742 and #214747) with these unique accessories gives you an unprecedented level of customization in your lab equipment. The MAGic Clamp™ System works with the Carolina™ Shaking Incubator (items #214745 and #214746) and Carolina™ Shaking Mini Incubator (items #214740 and #214741). By adding the MAGic Clamp™ platform, which offers a unique magnetic, interchangeable surface, you can quickly exchange flasks, tubes, and other accessories of different sizes in your MAGic Clamp™-compatible products.This attachment holds a 3,000-mL flask, which you can use on the Carolina™ Shaking Incubator (max 4).


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
Product Line: DROPSHIP