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ChromoSock® Meiosis Classroom Kit

SKU Code: 214810

Ever wish learning meiosis was as easy as folding socks? The ChromoSock® is a specialty sock, made in the US, that comes in different sizes, lengths, and colors to help demonstrate the differences between chromosomes and the genetic information they carry. The ChromoSock® Meiosis Classroom Kit gives students a broad introduction to meiosis by having them:

  • Define "haploid" and "diploid"

  • Identify chromosome number during division

  • Model meiosis

  • Identify key structures such as centromeres and chromatids

  • Understand the impact of nondisjunction

This classroom kit is designed for 32 students working in pairs.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 23202
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 11, Height: 9.5, Depth: 14.5
Weight: Width: 8.6 IN