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MultiGene™ OptiMax Thermal Cycler

SKU Code: 216285

FlexTemp™ technology for unique, flexible programming,Fast run times,PC viewer option,Simple user interface,No condensation after overnight cooling at 4° C,Three-year warrantyLabnet. The MultiGene™ OptiMax employs a new protocol optimization process that improves older gradient features. The OptiMax utilizes FlexTemp™ technology, which effectively separates the 96-well plate into six 4 x 4 temperature regions and allows you to pick the temperatures you want to test against. These regions are easily identified by the blue and black squares visible on the microplate. Instead of having the thermal cycler choose temperatures for you, you can choose any temperature within a 24° C range. The OptiMax has a heating rate of 4° C/sec and a cooling rate of 3° C/sec. Minimized overshooting and undershooting ensure your reactions see only the temperatures they are supposed to see.
Additional features include 200 complete password-protected programs; 50 sets of program folders; temperature and time increments/decrements; and the PC viewer option, which allows temperature profiles to be viewed in real time.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Biotechnology
Product Line: DROPSHIP