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Carolina™ Touchscreen Thermal Cycler, US Plug

SKU Code: 216295

Intuitive touchscreen control
  • Program wizard for user-friendly protocol entry

  • Fully adjustable heated lid

  • Unique multiformat block for 0.2- or 0.5-mL tubes or PCR plates
    The Carolina™ Touchscreen Thermal Cycler provides consistent, reliable results in an economical package. From its large touchscreen user interface to its unique multiformat block, this unit is loaded with features, making it a true asset to any laboratory or classroom.

    A large, full-color touchscreen serves as the operations center where all functions are accessed. From the home screen, simply touch an icon to view the last run program, enter the program library, or use the program wizard to quickly enter a protocol. In addition, icons for favorite programs can be added for faster access.

    The program wizard guides users through quickly setting up a protocol in a single screen. Once entered, programs are shown graphically and can be edited by simply touching the step that requires modification. Time and temperature increments can be built into programs, as can slower ramp rates. Storage capabilities are unlimited; programs can be stored in public folders, private (password-protected) folders, or on a flash drive. The full virtual keyboard allows for alphanumeric naming of programs and folders.

    The fully adjustable heated lid prevents condensation and sample evaporation. Lid temperature can be programmed, and when the block temperature is below 35° C, the lid automatically shuts off. Block heating and cooling are precisely and accurately controlled within exceptionally tight tolerances by a proprietary algorithm that simulates sample temperature.

    With the multiformat block, there is no need to purchase multiple interchangeable blocks. The unit has the flexibility to accept 96 x 0.2-mL tubes, 39 x 0.5-mL tubes, or a 96-well plate - all in the same sample block.

    Unit is 115 V and comes with US plug.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Carolina
    Department: Biotechnology
    Product Line: STOCK
    Dimensions: Width: 16.5, Height: 14.5, Depth: 18.5 IN
    Weight: Width: 23.75 LBS