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Advanced Rat Dissection BioKit®

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Featuring Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens
The Carolina® BioKit® is a single-concept classroom unit that gives students a hands-on approach to biology. Each kit contains materials for at least 30 students plus teacher's manual with reproducible student guide and labeled diagrams, information regarding the specimen's anatomy and physiology, National Science Education Standards met by the dissection, glossary, and list of resources to reinforce the activity. Kits with Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens also include information about the fixative.

For a class of 30. Students, working in pairs, perform an in-depth study of the rat by examining its external anatomy and performing an inquiry-based dissection of its major internal organs and systems. This lab provides detailed exploration of the circulatory, urogenital, respiratory, nervous, and skeletal systems. Kit includes 15 double-injected (arteries, red latex; veins, blue latex) Carolina's Perfect Solution® rats as well as a cleared and stained rat to use for display and to study skeletal structure. Kit also includes a detailed teacher's manual with dissection instructions, extension activities, reproducible student sheets, background information, glossary of terms, and dissection questions for discussion.


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