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3B® Human Flexible Skeleton

SKU Code: 246877

3B® Scientific. If you are studying the anatomy of movement, this skeleton is perfect for your classroom! It is articulated to show normal posture but this unique preparation can be flexed to achieve a variety of postures, both correct and incorrect. Once bent, the skeleton will remain in the position. Skull movements and rotation of the first 2 vertebrae are also possible, and the thorax can be manipulated to simulate the mechanics of breathing. The extremities are removable and the 3-part detachable skull has a cut calvarium and a spring-held lower jaw. The spine features protruding spinal nerves and vertebral arteries, as well as a dorsolateral slipped disc between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae. A plastic dust cover and a Human Anatomy Manual are included. Height and weight, including stand: 176.5 cm, 9.6 kg.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Anatomy and Physiology
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 20, Height: 8.8, Depth: 36.5 IN
Weight: Width: 23 LBS