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Inquiries in Science: Investigating Legislation Kit

SKU Code: 251418

  • Perform an LD50 experiment
  • Simulate the effects of smog on plants
  • Demonstrate the need for environmental regulation
Students explore the need for laws to protect our environment and standard of living. These inquiries emphasize the importance of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, as well as the concept of the Tragedy of the Commons, as students investigate each issue and its impact on the environment. They perform an LD50 (lethal dose, 50%) experiment of a water pollutant on a population of brine shrimp and investigate the effects of nitrogen dioxide on plants. Kit includes enough materials for at least 30 students working in groups. Receive a FREE digital Teacher's Manual and Student Guide with kit purchase.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Inquiries in Science
Product Line: STOCK
Weight: Width: 8.51