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Chromosomes, Genes, and DNA, Site License/Single Building

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The perfect complement to any life science or biology curriculum! Grades 6-12. This software contains a multimedia lesson and activities. Designed for multisensory learning, it’s the perfect classroom resource for interactive whiteboards. The lesson is also ideal for individual student instruction on any Windows(r) or Macintosh(r) computer. * Virtual Lab Investigation: students experiment, perform simulations, and draw conclusions. * Custom Toolbar: users customize the lesson as they draw, write, and add arrows and text blocks to any screen. Topics include: How Traits Are Inherited, Mendel’s Experiments, Dominant and Recessive Factors, Phenotypes and Genotypes. Virtual Lab Investigation: “Probability and Heredity." Site license, single building.


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Dimensions: Width: 5.4, Height: 0.7, Depth: 7.5 IN
Weight: Width: 0.22 LBS