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Digestive System Anatomy BodyPartChart™, Medium

SKU Code: 699453

Use this innovative, self-adhesive chart to study the anatomy of the human digestive system. Forget about the hassle of using nails, tacks, or tape to hang this graphic! Simply peel and stick the chart to any smooth surface. It can also be reposition or moved without damaging the surface. This vinyl graphic is not only safe for walls and extremely durable, it is also fade-resistant and dry-erase capable.

The chart's 17 x 35" graphic shows the outline and skeleton of the human form from head to thigh in gray scale. The organs and additional components of the digestive system are presented in vibrant colors, allowing the user to trace movement through the system from mouth to rectum. This chart also includes a smaller adhesive graphic showing the layers of the colon wall. Significant structures of the digestive system and the layers of the colon are labeled. Overall dimensions, 26 x 39-1/2".

BodyPartChart™ was developed through the collaboration of Fathead® and a visionary physician seeking tools to encourage patient education and discussion. Installation instructions are provided.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 26005
Product Line: DROPSHIP