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Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer

SKU Code: 703400

Sterilize instruments in just 5 to 7 seconds—without an open flame and the risk of infectious splatter and contamination. The Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer uses an asbestos-free ceramic core heater element to provide 1,500° F (815° C) of infrared heat. It sterilizes platinum and nichrome loops, needles, glass tubes, pipet mouths, and many other instruments. Compact and convenient, the Carolina® Infrared Bacteria Sterilizer is a great choice for use in anaerobic and aerobic chambers. Its heater element is replaceable and safely enclosed to protect users from accidental contact. A handy "standby" temperature setting extends the element's usable life. Optional accessories include a Loop Holder Attachment (item #703401) that keeps loop handles from overheating and melting during sterilization, and a Slide Dryer Attachment (item #703402) for drying up to 3 slides quickly and safely. A Replacement Heater Element, 115 V (item #703419), is also available.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 23203
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 8.5, Height: 6.5, Depth: 8.5
Weight: Width: 2.9 IN