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Carolina Investigations® for AP® Biology: Transformation 1-Station Kit (with prepaid coupon)

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  • Aligned with Big Ideas 1 and 3 and Essential Knowledge 1.A.1, 1.A.2, 3.A.1, 3.C.1, and 3.C.2
  • Emphasizes Science Practices 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

Investigate the role of DNA as the determining source of heritable information and its impact on phenotypic traits.

  • Learn and visualize the impact of DNA on phenotypic traits
  • Use proper sterile technique to perform transformation with plasmid DNA

  • Demonstrate a powerful model of natural selection and genetic variation

Students discover and explore the process of transformation, a key technique in genetic engineering. They perform a classic transformation activity, to build background knowledge regarding plasmid function, genotype/phenotype connection, and antibiotic resistance. Using proper sterile technique and inquiry, students then design a new experiment to distinguish between 3 different plasmids and determine their gene function. The 1-Station Kit includes materials for 1 group of 4 students. Kit includes prepaid coupon to request perishable materials later at your convenience.

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Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Ecology and AP Life Science
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