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Carolina® Mechanics System 1 Physics Kit

SKU Code: 751160

Grade 11–College. The Carolina™ Mechanics System 1 Physics Kit comes with more than 60 components, including all the carts, pulleys, hooks, masses, and springs needed to investigate core concepts in introductory mechanics. Kit has enough material for 1 group of 2 to 4 students to perform all the activities. Kit components come in a metal ballistics case with high-density foam inserts for easy storage and long life.

With this kit students can explore common experiments such as The Simple Pendulum, Free Fall, Newton's Second Law, and The Atwood Machine. The included experiment guide covers 18 activities:

  • The Pendulum: Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Constant Motion of a Cart
  • Constant Acceleration of a Cart
  • Free Fall
  • The Law of Inertia
  • Newton's Second Law
  • Spring Scales: Newton's Third Law
  • Spring Scales: Relation Between Mass and Weight
  • Spring In Between 2 Pulleys
  • The Vertical Force Table and Vector Addition
  • Simple Machines: The Pulley
  • Simple Machines: The Fulcrum Balance
  • The Atwood Machine
  • Mechanical Advantage with Multiple Pulleys
  • Ramps and Inclined Planes
  • Friction of Everyday Objects
  • Hooke's Law with 2 Springs
  • Periodic Motion of a Spring


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Physics
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 10, Height: 2, Depth: 10 IN
Weight: Width: 10