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Carolina® Magnetics System 1 Physics Kit

SKU Code: 751165

Grades 7–12. The Carolina® Magnetics System 1 Physics Kit comes with 18 components, including magnets and compasses, to investigate core concepts in introductory magnetism. Students explore different types and sizes of magnets, magnetic field lines in 2D and 3D with magnetic field chambers and plotting compasses (not included), and field strengths. Kit includes a floating ring stand, a model of Earth's magnetic field, and neodymium magnets for discovering eddy currents. Mineral oil, a lodestone, and metal objects are among the materials that are needed but not supplied. Kit has enough material for 1 group of 2 to 4 students to perform all the activities. Kit components come in a metal ballistics case with high-density foam inserts for easy storage and long life.

With this kit students can explore common experiments such as The North and South Poles, Seeing Magnetic Field Lines Using Iron Filings, and Eddy Currents. The included experiment guide covers 7 activities:

  • Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Objects

  • Exploring North and South Poles

  • The Earth Is a Giant Magnet

  • Seeing Magnetic Field Lines with Iron Filings

  • Interacting Forces

  • Ferromagnetic Chains

  • Eddy Currents


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Physics
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 10, Height: 2, Depth: 10 IN
Weight: Width: 10 LBS