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Carolina® Heat System Physics Kit

SKU Code: 751169

Grade 11–College. The Carolina® Heat System Physics Kit comes with 54 components, including all the thermometers, beakers, tubes, and vessels needed to investigate core concepts in introductory thermodynamics. Kit has enough material for 1 group of 2 to 4 students to perform all the activities. Kit components come in a metal ballistics case with high-density foam inserts for easy storage and long life. A hot plate and general lab equipment are needed but not supplied.

The included experiment guide covers 15 activities:

  • Psychrometry

  • The Hot Tea Problem: Newton's Law of Cooling

  • Specific Heat of Several Metals

  • Specific Heat of Water

  • Expansion of Water

  • Heat of Fusion

  • Linear Expansion of a Solid

  • Phase Transitions and Cooling Curves

  • Heat Conduction in a Rod

  • Convective Heat Transfer

  • Pulse Glass

  • Expansion of Gas

  • Expansion of Liquid

  • The Thermocouple

  • The Thermostat


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Physics
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 10, Height: 2, Depth: 10 IN
Weight: Width: 10 LBS