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Bell Jar and Vacuum Set

SKU Code: 752910

Instead of a class demonstration, let your students perform their own experiments about the mysteries and science of air pressure. This set comes complete with a miniature shatter-proof bell jar with plate, a 2-piece air pump with Luer-Lok® quick connects, suction cup, balloons, flask for boiling-point experiments, and detailed instructions. With this set you can create a 95 to 98% vacuum in the chamber. Perform experiments about the mass and density of air; boiling points of liquid; expansion of gasses in a balloon; how an air pump works; and more. Bell jar is 9 cm tall, 7 cm in diameter, and has 4-mm-thick walls.


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: 38009
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 6.9, Height: 3.1, Depth: 9.8
Weight: Width: 0.75 IN