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Visual Scientifics Hooke's Law

SKU Code: 753156

Grade 8-College. Inquiry-based spring investigation teaches Hooke's law, simple harmonic motion, and the spring constant. Includes 3 springs, 9 weights, weight hanger, guide ruler attachment, mount rod, and apparatus. Recommended accessories: video camera for extensions and graphing software. Required accessory: Visual Scientifics Base (item #753150). Includes instructions.

Main Lab: Spring investigation, inquiry-led activity to learn Hooke's law
Extension 1: Simple harmonic motion (SHM)
Extension 2: Exploring the spring constant
Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 1"

Includes 24 pages covering approximately 3 hr of class/lab time material, 12 Next Generation Science Standards Concepts, and 13 Common Core Standards.Every module includes comprehensive instructions to assist with lesson planning, student activities, and experimental procedures. All labs and extensions feature recommended video analysis setups and guides.

Visual Scientifics is an affordable system that joins video analysis or probeware with core mechanics concepts and lets you blend physics, technology, engineering, and real-world applications. By allowing you to use all the technologies available today, Visual Scientifics can enhance your laboratory experiments with tools that take your physics curriculum to the next level. Plus this cutting-edge system is specifically designed to be platform neutral, so it works with the computers, probeware, and video analysis tools you already own and know how to use.


  • Cutting-edge system for algebra-based through advanced mechanics
  • All-metal construction and magnetic base withstand years of student use
  • High-contrast colors and grid work with multiple video analysis tools
  • Precise module mounting means no setup errors and accurate results
  • Easy for students to set up and quickly learn how to use
  • Engaging content aligned with National Science Education Standards and Next Generation Science Standards


Manufacturer: Carolina
Department: Physics
Product Line: STOCK
Dimensions: Width: 6, Height: 2, Depth: 14.5 IN
Weight: Width: 1