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Lens Law

Sku Code: T1110

The key to study the fundamentals of geometrical optics: focal distance measurement by different methods, conjugation law, magnification, autocollimation ...

May be completed for the study of optical aberrations and / or for viewing on your computer.

 The whole Act Lenses

     Bench Prismax 2 meters, single carrier (x4), long carrier (x1)
     Incandescent Source  12V 45W
     Screen squared metallic, white
     Components ø40mm lenses (x7), ø40mm mirrors (x2), ø40mm diaphragms (x6)
     Frame ø40mm pins (x4)
     Storage rack accessories

     Screen squared frosted
     Components colored filters, double condenser system thick, slow. aspherical, slow. achromatic iris diaphragm