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Study Of Michelson Set

Sku Code: T2510

This set allows the realization of all the classic experiments of the interferometer: settings, projection figures, obtaining solid color, the air wedge and the air space with lasers sources, spectral and polychromatic. Bandwidth interference filters can be studied, as well as anti-coincidences of sodium doublet, coherence sources and filters.


He-Ne laser to 632,8nm 1mW with extensor
high brightness white source 12V75W
Double spectral source: Mercury and Sodium
interference filter 546 mounted
projection lenses Ø 80 with frame

Mount Ø 40 mm (x1) and Ø 80 mm (x3)
3 feet in halfpipe
Translucent screen grid

The main unit can be powered and complemented by accessories: vacuum tank, piezoelectric kit, thin blades