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Applicaiton Of A Michelson

Sku Code: T2514

The following set is designed to carry out some of the several applications of a Michelson Interferometer. You will be able to measure the refraction index of air, of CO2, of a glass plate. Knowing the glass plate index, you can also determine very precisely its thickness. At last, you can determine the exact behavior of a piezoelectric system according to the input voltage submitted.


  • Michelson interferometer E1000 series


  • Laser He-Ne 632.8nm 1mW with expander
  • White source high luminosity 12V75W
  • Double spectral source : Mercury and Sodium


  • Squared translucent
  • Metallic squared screen


  • 1 mounted interferential filter 546nm
  • 3 Projection lenses ø80mm with frame
  • Supports 3 quarter moon stands


  • Vacuum Tank for interferometer with adapted stand
  • Manual vacuum pump
  • Thin plate kit for interferometer with adapted stand
  • Piezoelectric kit for interferometer with connection box