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Spectrogoniometry: Lecture Set

Sku Code: T4515

This set is designed to allow the teacher to explain
spectrogoniometry principles and carry out
experiments visible for the entire class.
An USB 2.0 autocollimation camera using the space of
lighting of the autocollimator telescope will permits a
video visualization.
An auxiliary camera for vernier reading will help the
teacher explaining how to read an angle with a
The autocollimator telescope is also equipped with a
digital display. The measure gets more precise (10 arc
seconds) and the value becomes visible to everyone.


System spectrogoniometer 1 minute
with autocollimator telescope
Source Hg, Na, Hg-Cd
Support multifunction adjustable stage
2 quarter moon stand
Components 2 gratings 300 and 600 lines/mm
2 prisms Flint XD and Crown
Accessories autocollimation camera
vernier reading camera
digital display (10 arc seconds)