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Optical Fiber Study

Sku Code: T5510

Most communications and data passes through the optical fiber communication systems. This set is to study and measure the main parameters of a real optical fiber, such as numerical aperture, the index, the heart profile, its diameter ... It is also possible to perform experiments and injection measurements, losses or the number of modes in the fiber. The system also addresses the issues of keeping or not the polarization during the passage of the fiber.

Bench 2m

Sources NdYag Prismax Class III 532 nm
3 single carriers/ 12V-75W lantern

4 carriers  / Controls graded index fiber

Component :

3 supports lateral movement  / microscope objectives

object carries laser  / safety glasses (x2)

micrometer object  / lens holder

fiber support 2 / mounted polarizers

Power meter detector / White Screen squared 20x20 cm