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Electro-Optic Modulation

Sku Code: T8110

The Pockels effect produces birefringence in an optical medium induced by an electric field. This effect is used to make Pockels cell, which are voltage-controlled wave plates.

The experimental set first proposes the study of all the polarization phenomena at play in the Pockels effect: polarizers, analyzers, blades and a half quarter wave anisotropy. Thereafter, the experiment implements the main application of the Pockels effect: the electro-optical modulation. The cell allows the optical modulation by polarization, simple modulation, AM ... The transmission of an audio signal to verify concretely the proper functioning of the whole.

 Banc Prismax 1m

Carriers 4 simples + 1 long +1 lateral adjustment


1 polarizer
Quarter-wave plate
Blade half wave
Pockels cell protected
AC and DC
Source polarized He-Ne 1 mW with PS.


Oscilloscope 2x50 MHz
Audio source and speakers
Digital multimeter