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Mtf Set

Sku Code: T8420

The MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is designed to quantize the capacity of an optical system to give the details.
The method consists in adding smaller and smaller test charts to a system and to quantize the resulting contrast. The MFT is the result of this caracterisation

In this workshop, an optical assembly is subjected to increasingly fine patterns. It notes the contrast provided by these patterns in the image. The transfer function is identified. The TP also introduced the impulse method: the system is suddenly subjected to all frequencies (slot "infinitely" fine). The Fourier transform of the response is directly the system transfer function.


Prismax 2m

2 simple carriers

2 adjustment carriers

Mounting for components diam. 40 mm

Source 12V 45W


test lenses

achromatic lenses

iris diaphragm

USB digital camera detection with Ovisio software and advised Image

Collimator with adjustable slot and patterns of variable pitch