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Infrared detector - A1 format for inkjet table

Sku Code: 332122


This infrared detector is compatible with the inkjet meca table ref. 332 055, as well as the old air tables.

It allows to follow the motion of several mobiles (followed by 4 simultaneous points) in order to calculate the positions versus time without any data calculation.


The software supplied with the infrared detector is composed of 2 tabs:


Tab 1:

Observe the trajectory without delay during the acquisition, then measure the distance between 2 chosen points. The software stores in a dedicated tab the table of distances and the corresponding Δt.

Calculate the distances / Δt ratios very easily and conclude on the proportionality or not of this ratio.

While validating the relationship between speed, distance and time, the student describes the trajectory and characterizes the nature of the motion.



Tab 2:

Establish a link of the skills and knowledge acquired in mathematics and physics concepts.

The notions of graph, linear or affine line, slope can be used in the context of problem solving.

The tools integrated in this software will allow the student to characterize a motion by establishing a link of notions acquired in Mathematics and motion investigations.


Dimensions of the table: size A1

What's included :

- Infrared detector

- Mounting brackets for detector

- Acquisition and analysis software